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@TinkerTeam TinkerTeam released this Nov 23, 2018 · 39 commits to develop since this release

TinkerOS_Debian V2.0.8

TinkerOS default username is "linaro", password is "linaro"

Release Notes

  1. Merge Upstream/Rockchip (commit: 40e8774, kernel: 4.4.132).
  2. Upgrade Mali driver, libmali from r9p0 to r13p0
  3. Upgrade Linaro package to 20180823
  4. Upgrade to Rockchip new ISP driver. (User needs to switch CSI camera by device tree overlay)
  5. Support IMX219 with AE/AWB functions.
  6. Add OV5647 overlay.
  7. Supported Wake On LAN from Suspend to RAM.
  8. Support more USB DACs.
  9. Add brightness node and support backlight control for DSI Touch Display.
  10. Enable FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE_ROTATION, to support display rotation for the framebuffer console.
  11. Update DS18B20 driver, enable w1_res attribute to support convert time setting.
  12. Enable USB_SERIAL_MOS7840 kernel driver.
  13. Support ES90x8 Q2M based DAC board.
  14. Merge pull request #18, enable more kernel config for iptables.
  15. Support Wi-Fi Direct.
  16. Enable BT_BNEP kernel configs, to support BNEP protocol.
  17. Pre-install cron & logroate package, to support log rotation.
  18. Fix Wi-Fi function may fail at first time boot.
  19. Improve HDMI hot-plug detection and resolution auto setting.

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