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1.0.0: Initial version
1.0.1: Add timeout for message callbacks
1.0.2: Don't wait 100ms if no callback available
       Add Mac OS support
1.0.3: Remove global reactor import for Mac OS
1.0.4: Remove double fork completely for Mac OS
1.0.5: Update to newest python-libusb1 version (thanks to vpelletier)
       Remove possible memory leak
1.0.6: Remove faulty libusb locking
1.0.7: Fix handling of incomplete packets
1.0.8: Break a reference cycle between USBDevice and USBTransfer objects
       Add date to log output
       Fix stack ID routing for enumerate with multiple connected stacks
       Add --version commandline argument
1.0.9: Avoid race condition when enumerating USB devices on Linux
       Fix Mac OS installer
       Use more expressive log file name and correct line endings on Windows
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