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7.1cm (2.8") display with 128x64 pixel and touch screen
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LCD 128x64 Bricklet

This repository contains the firmware source code and the hardware design files. The documentation generator configs can be found at

Repository Content

  • examples/: Examples for all supported languages
  • build/: Compiled files
  • src/: Source code of firmware
  • Makefile: Makefile to build project
  • Contains KiCad project files and additionally schematics as PDF
  • Contains datasheets for sensors and complex ICs that are used


The hardware is designed with the open source EDA Suite KiCad ( Before you are able to open the files, you have to install the Tinkerforge kicad-libraries ( You can either clone them directly in hardware/ or clone them in a separate folder and symlink them into hardware/ (ln -s kicad_path/kicad-libraries project_path/hardware). After that you can open the .pro file in hardware/ with KiCad and from there view and modify the schematics and the PCB layout.


If you want to do your own Brick/Bricklet firmware development we highly recommend that you use our build environment setup script and read the tutorial (

To compile the C code we recommend you to install the newest GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain ( You also need to install bricklib2 (

You can either clone it directly in software/src/ or clone it in a separate folder and symlink it into software/src/ (ln -s bricklib_path/bricklib2 project_path/software/src/). Finally make sure to have CMake installed (

After that you can build the firmware by invoking make in software/. The firmware (.zbin) can then be found in software/build/ and uploaded with brickv (click button "Flashing" on start screen).

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