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Get GPS location from SMS request

This example demonstrates how GPS location can be reported via SMS if you have a GPS Bricklet and a GSM modem connected to the RED Brick. In the source file change the constant PIN_SIM according to your setup. If you have SIM card PIN disabled then you should set the PIN_SIM constant to an empty string. By default sending tf:loc via SMS to the phone number of the SIM card being used with the GSM modem one should get a SMS replied that reports the current location from the GPS Bricklet.

Upload this program to the RED Brick using Brick Viewer's Program wizard with the following program settings:

  • 1 of 8:
    • Name: SMS Location
    • Language: Python
  • 2 of 8:
    • Add the complete directory containing the script.
  • 3 of 8:
    • Version 2.x.y
    • Start Mode: Script File
    • Script File:
  • 4 of 8: Add argument /dev/ttyUSB0. Usually this is the case but depending on your modem it can be some other device file as well. If you see in log the message ERROR: Failed to initialize modem try changing this argument.
  • 5 of 8: Default
  • 6 of 8: Default
  • 7 of 8: Nothing
  • 8 of 8: Start Upload
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