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Python examples on how to access Tinkoff Voicekit
Python Shell
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Tinkoff Speech API Examples


Clone this repo

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd tinkoff-speech-api-examples

Install requirements

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Generate protobuf and grpc definitions for your language (Python):

$ ./sh/

Setup environment

Set STT_TEST_API_KEY and STT_TEST_SECRET_KEY environment variables to your API key and secret key to authenticate on server:


Run examples

$ ./sh/
$ ./sh/
$ ./sh/ audio/sample_1.mp3

One should install sox library to recognize recording from a microphone (apt install sox / brew install sox):

$ ./sh/
$ ./sh/

You may get scope is not supported error if your API key does not support speech synthesis.

Note on endpoint format

You may use and interchangeably for both speech recognition and speech synthesis.

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