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Giving Things a Voice!

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  1. 🚊 A GitHub Action that labels PRs with the repo(s) impacted in a monorepo.

    JavaScript 62 10

  2. A photobooth to help appreicate the people you care about! 🙌

    Python 1

  3. A physical world alerting system for events that happen on 'puters. Hubot / chat component.

    CoffeeScript 1

  4. 🍺 Das Bot is an instrumented kegeratr bot that helps dispense the beer and keep track of who drinks what, awarding prized for certain drinking patterns.

    PHP 1

  5. A project for tracking the activity of your dog. Is he on the sofa when you're away?

    Arduino 1

  6. 🍽 give your dishwasher a voice! Great for shared dishwashers in offices.



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