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Tinkurlab's Anycubic Kossel Linear 3D Printer


This repo contains code and docs for Tinkurlab's Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus 3D Printer.



As of April 2020, all calibration is done in firmware to facilitate a completely "from code" programming and adjustment.

Updating Firmware

  1. Using the repo, update Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h as needed. Refer to Marlin Firmware Configuration as needed. Note: most changes are suffixed with //Adam to indicate a change.

  2. Compile the code to upload firmware changes to printer via the Arduino IDE. Settings:

    • Tools > Board > Arduino / Genduino Mega or Mega 2560
    • Port > dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART or similar
    • Baud Rate > 250000
  3. After uploading, run a M502 to reset EEPROM to factory settings, M500 to save to EEPROM, and M503 to show current settings in SRAM.

  4. Run a test print.

Height and Geometry Calibration

  • Attach the leveling proble to the printer and use G33 V2 to measure Delta geometry. Use the serial connection from the Arduino IDE or Simplify 3D to execute commands. After running G33 V2, this will output the new calibration settings via the serial connection. Copy these values and update in firmware as needed (normally Configuration.h values for DELTA_RADIUS, DELTA_RADIUS, DELTA_HEIGHT, DELTA_ENDSTOP_ADJ, and DELTA_TOWER_ANGLE_TRIM).
  • Use M303 to tune PID settings for extruder and M303 E-1 to tune bed and update in firmware as needed.
  • Ensure that @ Z = 0, there is slight tension when sliding a piece of paper between the printer bed and nozzle.

Thermal Protection Calibration


Important settings in Simplify 3D:

For 1.75mm diameter PLA

  • Extruder Temp: 200F
  • Bed Temp 60F
  • Layer Height: 0.1 to 0.2mm
  • First Layer Speed: 30%
  • First Layer Height: 150%
  • First Layer Width 150%
  • Solid Infill Underspeed: 50%
  • Infill: 15 - 30% depending on project; default 20%
  • Supports: as needed
  • Brim: mostly always, 3x 5mm offset
  • Raft: as needed

Also see backup settings files in /settings in this repo.

Quirks and Known Issues

  • Extruder set to 200C will drop to 190C when fan starts. May further drop to 185C or < if doing 100% infill at full speed. Perhaps a better thermistor and heating element would help. Could also further experiment with tweaking print settings. Reducing the sold infill speed (ex 33 - 50%), raising the temperature (ex 220C), etc may help.


Additional Docs



All things Tinkurlab 3D printing - models, docs, lab notes.




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