Generates one-time passwords in Java
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OTP Java

This is for producing and verifying one-time passwords according to RFC 2289, RFC 6238 and RFC 4226.


This software is very alpha -- there's not even a test rig yet!


There's currently an ant script:

ant dist

Will get you a jar



To generate OTPs in your java app, and verify them, you'll need to instantiate the relevant MAC algorithm, and use it to construct an OATHGenerator.

The generator can be used with a secret state. When generating new secret states for user enrollment, be sure to provide enough bits of entropy and to use a SecureRandom, just just a plain Random.

For validation, you should take the user details from your data store, instantiate a OATHSecretState and the relevant OATHGenerator, and use the OATHValidator to do all the heavy lifting.

OPIE Passwords

OPIE Passwords are very similar as above.

What We Don't Do

We do not provide randomness! Use SecureRandom for that.


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