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Electron Cash redeem Script decoder plugin, with TXID, TX & .artifact input, & HTML output. It decodes raw hex into colored Script, colored hex, enables selection highlighting & decodes P2SH sigscripts. It also returns BCH from a preturn... address using PrivKey=1.

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Unfortunately EC v4.2.7 has caused a couple bugs: hex ⇔ asm conversion isn't working properly. Also, //OP_1 shows up as //01 when decoding whole txns. Both bugs'll be fixed in the next version (I didn't bother testing the dev version of EC). Another bug is that if colors are disabled, the hex-box sometimes still gets colored! Next version will have double-click to resize the splitter in btwn boxes.

alt text

Users can copy paste the following TXIDs into the plugin to see some examples. 9b91b2c8afb3caca4e98921cb8b7d6131a8087ee524018d1154b609b92e92b30 original state. 4377faca0d82294509e972f711957e95a843c01119320a3e2b0b4daf26afca28 HODL plugin. 0000000e0ad818cf6600060b5ee4cf75e6f4292204af77aceb2f95bbf9fc1194 VanityTXID plugin. 616e1e6d0d411d7a7aaf62bb1b3801c32184b8b23f366084967f0aae06b38be6 AutoCove plugin, pReturn... 4b84bd37e0660203da70796e9dd76f58f37d843917694c59ede7758ded5bb05f Mecenas plugin, protoge spend. a1018135011451d569183e6e327b37bb2600ac7001b1b918fc6121ad3e4bcf78 Last Will plugin, cold ended. 83b045c46418d0dd1922d52d6b0c2b35366e77cb9d20647e43b13cfcb78ec58c 1of1 multisig. fccebdc8fcf556bebeb91ded0339756e568b254a6aa797f22a74ec3787f8a5d0 3of5, 20 inputs, 5th on BCH rich-list. 1fcd75baedf6cc609e6d0c66059fc3937a1d185fb50a15d812d0747544353e5d 2of3, 121 inputs, 89 kBCH. 820140877c7500c0879a00c900879a51c951879a00c851c8879a00cd00c7879a (not TXID) Native Introspection preview!

Plugin can decode CashScript hex, like for smartBCH SHA-Gate (without native introspection): 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

Alternatively, copy paste redeem Scripts from other networks, like from this BTC-testnet LightNing to_local txn: 6321026644cb387614f66421d14da3596c21cffa239011416c9adf3f351ee8551a9fc767029000b27521029654f80732769d7c435a184a3559f12178315526c53bbf003349390811c7590a68ac

If there's ever a discrepancy between 2 large Scripts, a neat trick is to turn off the colors (for speed), maximize EC, & then use the address combo-box to instantly switch btwn them. To verify the difference, edit one Script until the address matches the other. Another trick is to scroll through the (3of5) 20 inputs example, to see how ECDSA multisigs vary.

Another example is from slp_dollar.artifact. It's for SLP tokens which can always be frozen by the issuer, by forcibly sending any possible descendent to a frozen state. 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

alt text

alt text

Fully automatic covenants forward payments without any further authorization. Parental introspection can be achieved using PrivKey=1, so that PubKey is the compressed base point of secp256k1.

I worked full-time for years at a factory named after Cathedral Cove, in NZ. Cove is also short for Covenant! So AutoCove seemed like a nice name. Its current covenant address & script is:

v1.1.3 preturn5dnk5aw7utkfrjak5grw4jksye5guwv956h (pReturn#164493; 🍭 Cash Account):


In the case of preturn..., it will return whatever coins are sent to it, automatically, assuming some conditions:

  • Sender must use a P2PKH or P2SH address, but not P2PK.
  • Sending transaction must be no more than 520B. Only 3 inputs at most.
  • 13 bits minimum for only 1 P2PKH sender input. ~2 bits more needed per extra input.
  • 6→9 bits fee.
  • It can't return SLP tokens.
  • Total amount minus fee will be returned to first (0th) input.
  • P2SH sender must use 3 or 4 data pushes, ≤75B each, in their unlocking sigscript ≤252B. Compressed 1of1, 1of2, 2of2 & VanityTXID are all compatible. However non-0 constant pushes like OP_N aren't supported.
  • 21 BCH max (theoretically), but I've only tested up to 10tBCH. I've tested 1of1, 2of2, multiple inputs & outputs, Schnorr & ECDSA, both compressed & uncompressed PubKeys (P2PKH) on testnet4.
  • Sender's sigscript must not be malleated in any way (eg by miner).

A future example could be an address ppythag0ras... which only returns three coins at a time, and only if the same address sends them, and a²+b²==c² (using OP_DIV, the Script could check a/(c+b)==(c-b)/a).

Vanity hashes & addresses generated using VanityTXID-Plugin.

The HTML examples above come with an example of xztar 25x compression, which is supported internally by EC. xztar should be useful with BFP type 0x02. BFP type 0x01 may work for small messages, like an encrypted link to a paste-bin etc. Compressed HTML is even smaller than the plain-text itself as a .txt (e.g. 38% smaller). Even a jpg image is smaller when in an xz archive. I compressed a 128p (60% quality) jpg by 3% using xz, to 3.8kB (currently 1.1 cents US, in BCH, to upload). A seller could use the same image across different market-places.

v1.1.3 notes:

  • Bugfix for when clicking in btwn 2 lines causes the horizontalScrollBar to jump to end-of-long-line.
  • Undo & Redo (with history and colors)! A "phantom" PlainTextEdit is used to track each step. EditBlocks aren't perfect yet (e.g. pressing BackSpace twice normally should be undone in 1 step, not 2).
  • Improved Align # (e.g. for random text).
  • Ctrl+ScrollWheel, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+±, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Shift+Z shortcuts enabled.
  • Bugfix for Esc key killing plugin's UI.
  • Daemon CLI updated to accept filename inputs (.artifact & .txn).
  • Bugfix for text drag & drop (e.g. from hex to Script box).
  • Bugfix for black context menus.
  • New pReturn... covenant has 12% lower fee by shortening Preimage by 68B, & using ALTSTACK. Adding sighash 0xc3 in-Script is also more efficient (sighash should be checked). A NUM2BIN not at line-end.
  • Hex-box vertically resizeable, using QSplitter. Auto-resizes.
  • Full Δ List in Combo Box, to verify each Δ. (Small error with Native Introspection OpCodes appearing in older EC.)
  • SHA256 Checksum 00000037972912870f383e7fce12eb6b4d29e68515bed81f7a7138b1a814fbeb (19 kH/s · 28 mins). Update via re-install requires restarting EC.

v1.1.2 notes:

  • Bugfixes for the Δ of ROLL & LESSTHANOREQUAL (both -1).
  • ΣΔ decoding! It sums up the Δ, not counting the last ΣΔ.
  • Align # button! Works with asm, etc.
  • Ln, Col coords label! (Top-right.)
  • Command line interface! First start the EC GUI with any wallet, & AutoCove installed. Then cd to EC & enter ./Electron-Cash daemon AutoCove to see instructions. Almost all options available (B&W, hex/asm, 1Line, etc). The CLI doesn't officially count as "Command-line Integration" because it only uses @daemon_command to remote-control the GUI, which controls all default settings. Only the last sigscript is written to HTML, since a single TXID could create >100 Scripts. If there's interest a future version could specify Input#. Every HTML command clears decoder memory. The HTML output could be appended to a server's website interface (after box, etc). It might also be possible for one plugin to command another one using the daemon, but without a system command. Linux usage is similar but looks more like ./Electron-Cash-4.2.6-x86_64.AppImage daemon AutoCove TXID /home/Username/Desktop/Test.html black align#, etc. I couldn't get macOS terminal permission to launch ./Applications/ (zsh: permission denied). Safari on Catalina might have trouble displaying ΣΔ.
  • Added ±Δ to OpCodes List. e.g. all unary Introspection codes are +0Δ.
  • Courier New font has wider compatibility than Consolas.
  • SHA256 Checksum 000000dd4a88643037b15d593201ee7436b1e2bc1be172af03d48583fa797991 (23 kH/s · 5 mins).

v1.1.1 notes:

  • New pReturn... covenant has up to 2% fee reduction by placing CODESEPARATOR just before CHECKSIG @ Script end (<Nonce>DROP @ Start). Decoder endlAfter <Nonce>DROP.
  • Save button for HTML! (Full color + B&W background.) Examples incl. in release, with 23x compression using xztar.
  • Bugfix for drag & drop in Linux.
  • Multi-file drag & drop. Decode lots of artifacts &/or txns! More elegant json.loads code.
  • <...> input now Python-evaluates ... e.g. <2-3>==<-1>4f, etc. <±0b...>, <±0o...> & <±0x...> too!
  • bin, oct & hex conversion! e.g. can decode directly to octal.
  • No font combo-box in macOS (Consolas didn't work).
  • SHA256 Checksum 0000000f040262fd608ffa7b8877adaee2b700a671d134588933ec8f7902b775 (23 kH/s · 36 mins).

v1.1.0 notes:

  • <dec> input. e.g. can copy paste from a CHIP. A future update should enable <0x...> & <0o...>.
  • <dec> convert any Script using the (hex, asm, <dec>) combo-box. Can ID special <#>s.
  • Drag & drop for .txn & CashScript .artifact files. I didn't bother with an 'Open' file button, and it's only 1 file at a time, and .artifact not working on Linux.
  • New pReturn... Script reduces its fee by 18% using a CODESEPARATOR.
  • No more exact Script duplicates in the combo-box.
  • 1 line button to condense any Script (with LineWrap). With asm & OP_CODES, it's identical to CashScript artifact bytecode.
  • CashAddr toggle connected.
  • Font combo-box (Default vs Consolas PointSize(11)). Unfortunately Consolas isn't working on macOS.
  • Lighter (blander) colors on black, aiming for equivalent clarity between B&W backgrounds (from a distance). Unfortunately not even gray is as clear on a black background!
  • Bugfix for when choosing asm, switches to 'New'. So now it's quick to scroll through sigscripts, in asm or <dec> form.
  • Bugfix for when word '00' vanishes when converting to asm. More generally a lone '77' converts to 'NIP' instead of vanishing.
  • SHA256 Checksum 000000d05ad1b70931563be4030fa3a9d6755787b081e8afee3e80df200a7f44 (25 kH/s · 31 mins).

v1.0.9 notes:

  • Bugfix for multi-word single-line whose leading word is hex, like 00 NIP (v1.0.8 ignored everything after the 00).
  • URL input works the same as the TXID it contains. Will P2SH decode the 1st TXID which appears in .split('/').
  • B&W toggle (check-box). One wallet can have black background, & another white.
  • Appended size of each sigscript data push. Can discern Schnorr (<70B) from ECDSA (usually ≥70B) sigs, & check if push is getting close to 520B limit.
  • Instant switching btwn Scripts in combo-box whenever they're from decoder memory. e.g. can quickly scroll through 121 2of3 inputs in this 89 kBCH txn.
  • Example TXIDs & Scripts shown by default.
  • Adjusted purple on black to be a tiny bit brighter (in red). So it's like a mix between purple and magenta (adjusting colors reduces their purity). I've also mixed orange with yellow. On black: brown mixes with olive & sky-blue with cyan.
  • Combo-box instant highlight-activation for EC-v3.6.6 (SLP Ed.).
  • SHA256 Checksum 0000000a30508dceb6f214074e7cce209bac670ca5d29c139dfc35202d468ce6 (31 kH/s · 8 mins).

v1.0.8 notes:

  • Bugfix for op counts: no longer count values ≤0x60. None of the Scripts I've seen exceed 201 ops, after all!
  • Δ decoding. I've labelled the change in stack depth of each line Δ, except when there's an IFDUP or CHECKMULTISIG. Auto-comments still unaligned.
  • Empty sigscript data-push now shown as OP_0 to be consistent with, & may be less confusing.
  • Font won't accidentally change anymore, due to copy-pasting TXIDs etc.
  • Space & tab allowed after TXID, TX or Script. v1.0.7 didn't allow a space-bar after the TXID. PUSHDATAs now go on the same line as their data, to simplify Δ.
  • Dark theme color changes: stronger blue for constants, darkMagenta a bit lighter. Still no B&W toggle.
  • Instant switching between Scripts which have the same name in the combo-box. e.g. can scroll through multi-sigs in this TX.
  • "#No P2SH input..." message for when TXID or TX has no such input.
  • SHA256 Checksum 000000d74f7b1353ede9c99828411ca3a137489c022cf7f41d299e8b5627cadd (34 kH/s · 4 mins).

v1.0.7 notes:

  • Bugfix for when asm+OP_CODES setting converts 011N into OP_1N (oops).
  • Bugfix for auto-decode of TX with a sigscript containing an OP_N (instead of data) push. Improved auto-comment.
  • Op & B counts for every line of auto-decode! This helps check a big Script like Mecenas never goes over the 201 ops limit. A future version should also count changes in stack depth, but this update is primarily bugfixes & correction to v1.0.6.
  • darkMagenta & brown switched around.
  • In dark theme, lighter light blue for constants. Also, quarter-gray background switched with black.
  • TXID & other hex input is now allowed to have a tab after it (& '\n' too). Double-clicking a TXID in notepad selects the tab after it.
  • macOS highlighting slightly lighter this time (an eighth difference, but still a quarter difference on Windows). Dark theme isn't available for Catalina, so I've never tested that on macOS. I'm starting to prefer the dark theme, but EC itself needs an update since it's got some blue text on black background, & some white on bright green, which is nearly unreadable.
  • SHA256 Checksum: 000000928f656c2436c9d18f0f193f3944e9c90b7bb78813cf1591c91e5c06d4 (35 kH/s · 2 mins).

v1.0.6 notes:

  • asm stripping (instant via combo-box). It works with PUSHDATA OpCodes, and highlighting. OpCodes 10-16 are given a leading 'OP_'. It's some tricky code! e.g. Here is the CashScript bytecode.
  • OpCount next to ByteCount. e.g. Mecenas has 228 ops, but only <201 ever execute.
  • New v1.0.6 covenant supports both P2PKH & P2SH (3 or 4 data pushes ≤75B, ≤252B sigscript) returns. This enables VanityTXID address compatibility, so that sending TXID may be vanitized (but a miner malleating a data-push past 75B is a vulnerability).
  • 0x & 0X hex input now accepted, but only for decoder, raw TX & TXID.
  • Decoding whole txns now includes the whole scriptSig of each input with data-pushes as comments (1/line). Sort of like Unfortunately the SLP Ed. causes a bug when OP_0 is a data-push (as is common with multisig Scripts), but next update should fix it.
  • TXID lookup if user pastes it instead of the txn. A neat trick is to line up lots of TXID examples and have the EC network fetch each successful stack.
  • Byte/s following a PUSHDATA are now gray-blue, instead of blue.
  • PUSHDATA4 added to Disabled list. BCH disabled it as part of a malleability fix, I think.
  • Selection & highlighting maintained as spells are changed between CODES & OP_CODES etc. Tracking is ok, but for multiple words the selection doesn't change size.
  • Dark theme fully supported! Keeping colors consistent is tricky. A future version could enable live toggling between white & dark. On MX Linux the combo-boxes are strange, but still work, in the dark theme.
  • macOS highlighting now darker, but it turned out too dark!
  • Bugfix so that multiple wallets each have their own auto-decoder memory (combo-box).
  • 21 bytes/line max target for auto-decoder, instead of 16 words/line. e.g. HASH160 requires (1+20)B. BIN2NUM no longer ends lines. Oh & indents are 8 spaces.
  • New tabIcon based on a public-domain WikiMedia flag icon. Still not animated.
  • SHA256 Checksum: 000000b45c129df3950971cf14608568ac8cf8bf853e4b09dde0900dda1aca72 (36 kH/s · 12 mins).

v1.0.5 notes:

  • All OpCodes now supported. Correct decoding & blue coloring for PUSHDATA2 & PUSHDATA4. REVERSEBYTES included as Crypto (Qt.magenta). It had its own CHIP & I've never seen it used, so I missed it in v1.0.4. Next version might use darkBlue for byte/s following a PUSHDATA, instead of blue.
  • codes (Pythonic-style) & op_codes now selectable, as well as CODES, OP_CODES etc.
  • Highlight color now set to reduce Selection HSL darkness(=255-L) by 25%. Unfortunately 25% mightn't be enough on macOS, due to the pale blue.
  • Bugfix for EC-v3.6.6. Unfortunately v1.0.4 broke backwards compatibility without me realizing, due to instant combo-box activation. SLP Ed. now supported.
  • Bugfix for auto-decode, when unable to.
  • SHA256 checksum 00000000b514a883d6f742eb82c0585a695c021fc8ca7f99e9d8f713e3c1fadb (44 kH/s · 10 mins). Luckiest hash yet!

v1.0.4 notes:

  • OP_CODES, CODES, Codes & Op_Codes combo-box, with highlighted activation!
  • Auto-decodes now saved into a combo-box, with 'Clear all...' item.
  • Bugfix for when sender's txn is exactly size 255B.
  • Highlighting is now a slightly different color. Unfortunately the macOS shade I chose is too light - will be fixed next time.
  • OpCodes list display improved, with purple for Native Introspection. darkCyan was a tiny bit too close to darkGreen, so Locktime can be darkYellow & Reserved words brown (dark orange). Lines broken up into nullary, unary, binary & ternary etc.
  • '//' comments are now fully enabled.
  • Bugfix for auto-decode when user holds in delete.
  • Users can now copy-paste whole raw txns and the decoder will store all P2SH Scripts. Another decoder is at
  • BOOLAND now ends lines (auto-decode).
  • Decoding in-Script data pushes up to 255B size now supported (instead of just 0x4b).
  • Thread.isAlive renamed to Thread.is_alive, to resolve Issue #1. I still haven't built EC itself from source, though. Apparently builds are deterministic.
  • Description moved from its own box to Script comments. Improved TabIcon.
  • preturn Script which is only 108B. Malleability was fixed years ago.
  • SHA256 Checksum 0000001e9dba81c3416e191153644daed60081aacf24f226055db613f0abb4f7 (49 kH/s · 1min).

v1.0.3 notes:

  • Hex decoder! Copy paste any script hex into the Script box, and it will be auto-decoded into readable form. This lets us color in any BCH Script (& hex), eg from Mecenas or Hodl plugins, using only their blockchain hex. The exact decoding rules seem subjective: 16 words/line max; data pushes >=20B get their own lines; any VERIFY, NUM2BIN or BIN2NUM ends lines; tabbing for IF, NOTIF, ELSE etc.
  • preturn covenant now has malleability fix which blocks miners from stealing the money. Both compressed & uncompressed sender PubKeys have been tested, as well as Schnorr & ECDSA sigs.
  • 6 disabled OpCodes are now listed.
  • More efficient coloring by only coloring when either hex (bytecode) or selection has changed.
  • Split-word selection highlighting. e.g. Selecting 'R OR' highlights all instances of 'OR' in hex.
  • 'New' QComboBox item, but still no memory (nor undo & save).
  • Increased return broadcast delay to 2s.
  • SHA256 Checksum 000000ed60808ac146dd2cba2c19bbcdd96c968b5be1972a440fe7c33b73494e (51 kH/s · 44 s). Restart EC if updating via re-install.

v1.0.2 notes:

  • preturn... covenant has 7% fee reduction by eliminating unnecessary PubKey & BIN2NUM. Improved comments.
  • Full list of colored OpCodes.
  • Selecting text now highlights all instances of it. Works with both colors & B&W. Highlighting is maintained when toggling colors.
  • Highlighting works with scriptCode hex, too, as a byte search. i.e. double-click OpCodes or data push to light up all instances of its hex. Should also work with testnet OpCodes which I haven't colored. If script can't be interpreted, then there's no hex highlighting. Isolate multiple lines of code in hex by selecting them.
  • Colors option. The blue isn't accurate for PUSHDATA2 & PUSHDATA4. Adding serifs to default font is too difficult (BCH code differentiation). The assignment of colors can change in the future. Holding in space-bar with colors will max out a CPU processor.
  • Hex coloring, too! This increases CPU lag, which was barely noticeable for script-only colors.
  • Added malleability warning, along with P2PK & SLP warnings. Sender should use standard output (no OP_PUSHDATA), or else EC doesn't detect it.
  • Bug-fix for when a new wallet imports a preturn... and plugin tries to re-broadcast before wallet has had time to fully analyze history.
  • TabStopDistance reduced to 4 chars.
  • SHA256 Checksum 000000eab8901f17435840ff2a80367d035966f436219425741ec473625b71da (60 kH/s · 10s).


  • Script compiler (encoder) now included. Accepts both lower & upper case opcodes. Both 'Nip' & 'OP_NIP' encode the same. Byte counter included, along with BCH address gen. A future version needs to color the different opcodes in different colors. Maybe a save feature, and decoder? The "IDE" builds the BCH address as user types opcodes etc.
  • Covenants' source-code now inside plugin tab. Both are enforced simultaneously.
  • Extra line of assembly -> 5% fee increase, but guarantees return TX has only 1 input.
  • No more infinite loop, instead .history_updated_signal is used.
  • Will return multiple UTXOs in the same sent UTX (bugfix).
  • New tabIcon, but it could be improved (wavy BCH flag?).
  • EC needs to be restarted when updating using re-install. There's an issue where importing a preturn... address causes attempted re-broadcasting of previous txns. I forgot to mention a couple rules in the plugin tab: sender must use P2PKH address, & return is always to 1st input.
  • SHA256 Checksum 000000db889e8d14c3b992cd6f1ef75cce65d44641d9487eb066cddac46ea82d (79 kH/s · 48 s)


Electron Cash redeem Script decoder plugin, with TXID, TX & .artifact input, & HTML output. It decodes raw hex into colored Script, colored hex, enables selection highlighting & decodes P2SH sigscripts. It also returns BCH from a preturn... address using PrivKey=1.