Script for printing Belfabriek availability.
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Belfabriek Availability

A script that checks for a team of Belfabriek users, which of these users are currently available.

This Python script uses the Belfabriek XMLRPC API.

Sample output:

Current time: 2014-07-18 22:02:55.840000

Name:         Alice
Extension id: 01234
Available:    1
Reason:       -
Extension:    31612345678

Name:         Bob
Extension id: 56789
Available:    0
Reason:       -
Extension:    31623456789

Name:         Carol
Extension id: 11111
Available:    1
Reason:       -
Extension:    31634567890

How to use

  • Make sure you have Python (tested with version 2.7);
  • download and extract the source zip, or just clone the repository;
  • open in your favourite text editor;
  • replace the dummy account code by your actual Belfabriek account code;
  • replace the dummy names and extension ids by your team members' actual names and extension ids;
  • run the script.