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Sudospective Presents:


"Hello, World."

Title Menu ScreenTitleMenu Music Select OFSelectMusic OFSelectDifficulty Gameplay ScreenGameplay Evaluation ScreenEvaluation (You can also hide the mascot in the Appearance/Interface settings) ScreenTitleMenu no-mascot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm new to OutFox. How do I install the theme?
A. Place this theme in the game's install directory under /Appearances/Themes, then start the game, go to Options, Appearance Settings, and select Superuser from the list of themes. The game should automatically switch to the theme. If for some reason it does not, or you encounter issues with this, you can restart your game and it should fix itself. If you're still having problems, you can easily find me on the Project OutFox Discord server.

Q. I tried this theme on SM5.1, but it doesn't work. How do I fix this?
A. At the moment, this theme is only supported on OutFox, as it use OutFox-specific Lua. If you want support for a specific version of StepMania, please submit a feature request saying so!

Q. I want a feature in this theme. What should I do?
A. Submit a feature request detailing what feature you would like to have added to the theme. If you know a bit of Lua yourself, feel free to give implementing it yourself a go! You can even submit a pull request to the main theme if you'd like.

Q. The screenshots look totally different from the actual theme? What the heck?
A. sorry ill fix it at some point did you pull

Q. I found a bug in the theme. What should I do?
A. Submit an issue report detailing what bug you encountered and how to reproduce it, as well as what OS, OutFox build, and theme version and branch you are using. Please keep in mind that a feature request and an issue report are two very different things. Feature requests sent as issue reports will not be considered and deleted upon review.

Q. Someone is using code from this theme in their own! I want to report it!
A. Awesome! I'm glad people find my code useful and valuable. Don't see it as them stealing my code, see it as them appreciating the open-source library to its fullest. I am more than happy with people grabbing code or features or ideas they see in this theme. Sure, I may own a lot of it, but I'm not stingy. I bear plenty of fruit on this tree of creativity, pick and eat, best friends.

Q. The official devs are doing something in an official theme that was done in your theme! Is this something to be concerned about?
A. It's possible I probably wrote it myself when I was working on the OutFox themes they put in the game. I'm still super good friends with all of them and I am excited to find a time where I can join the team again once things in my life settle completely. Please stop giving them a hard time. There's a reason I made this theme, and it's to show everyone how far OutFox has progressed and what new cool stuff you can do in it.

Q. I want to repurpose this theme in a build of StepMania I'm selling. Is this okay?
A. totally fine but its gonna be a lot of work good luck

Q. I want to support the creation of this project. How should I go about doing that?
A. My twitter has links where you can support me. I also have a YouTube channel and stream on Twitch. If you want to support me directly, the best way to do that is through Ko-Fi. I currently have an injury that's put me out of work and I'm waiting for a response from disability, so anything helps.