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package karatests.controllers
import kara.controllers.Dispatcher
import kotlin.test.*
import javax.servlet.http.*
import karatests.mock.*
import kara.config.AppConfig
import org.junit.Test
import org.junit.Before
import org.apache.log4j.BasicConfigurator
/** Tests for executing actions */
class ActionTests() {
Before fun setUp() {
Test fun basicHtmlLayout() {
val response = mockDispatch("GET", "/")
val output = response.stringOutput()
assertTrue(output?.contains("Default Layout") as Boolean, "Home view contains layout")
assertTrue(output?.contains("Welcome Home") as Boolean, "Home view contains view")
Test fun runActionTests() {
assertResponse("blank", "/foo/blank")
assertResponse("bar", "/foo/bar")
assertResponse("list: bar", "/foo/bar/list")
assertResponse("complex: bar id = 42", "/foo/complex/bar/list/42")
assertResponse("show 42", "/crud/42")
assertResponse("compute: 42, 3.12", "/foo/compute/42/3.12")
assertResponse("compute: 42, 3.12", "/foo/compute?anInt=42&aFloat=3.12")
Test fun redirect() {
val response = mockDispatch("GET", "/foo/redirect")
assertEquals(HttpServletResponse.SC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY, response.getStatus())
assertEquals("/foo/bar", response.stringOutput())
Test fun externalForm() {
assertEquals("/foo/compute?aFloat=3.1415&anInt=42", Routes.Foo.ComputeQuery(42, 3.1415.toFloat()).toExternalForm())
assertEquals("/foo/compute/42/3.1415", Routes.Foo.Compute(42, 3.1415.toFloat()).toExternalForm())
fun assertResponse(expected : String, url : String) {
val response = mockDispatch("GET", url)
assertEquals(expected, response.stringOutput())
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