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Kotlin Web Framework for the JVM
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Kara Web Framework

Kara is a web framework for the JVM using the Kotlin programming language. It uses Kotlin's unique syntax to allow developers to write succinct, statically-typed HTML and CSS all in one language.

For more information and documentation, check out


Kara is developed by Tiny Mission. We're a small web and mobile development company and hope to use Kara to help us work faster and write better code.


There's plenty of work left to do to make Kara a first class framework, and we'd welcome contributions. Contact andy at to get involved.

Continous integration and Downloads

CI is set up at TeamCity. Download latest successful build

Bugs, Suggestions and Feature Requests

All issues for Kara are tracked here


Kara is Open Source and licensed under the Apache Licenses, version 2.0. It can be freely used in commercial projects.

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