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ZoomImage component for React Native Application (ios / android)

Only works with https network images [With the limitation of the current react-native, we can't get original size of required images. This component just zooms them with given size (provided by imgStyle prop)]

If you need to support http network images, modify info.plist please :)



install from npm

npm install --save react-native-zoom-image

import in project

import ZoomImage from 'react-native-zoom-image';
import {Easing} from 'react-native'; // import Easing if you want to customize easing function
let styles = {
  img: {} // custom styles of original image component
// in render function
  source={{uri: ''}}
  imgStyle={{width: 250, height: 230}}


Prop Type Default Description
disabled bool false Whether to disable the component or not.
startCapture bool false Whether to capture start touch event or not.
moveCapture bool false Whether to capture move event or not.
responderNegotiate function - Use custom conditions to enable or disable gesture over image modal.
easingFunc function Easing.linear The easing function of animation.
showDuration number 100 The duration of showing the image modal.
closeDuration number 140 The duration of closing the image modal.
rebounceDuration number 800 The total duration of resetting the position of image. The actual duration changes by the displacement of the image in Y-axis. If the displacement equals to the height of screen, the duration shall be 800ms.
enableScaling bool false Whether to scale the image when it is polled.

Instance methods

Method Params Description
openModal - Open image modal
closeModal - Close image modal.