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MiP can email

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MiP can email

Using the ESP-01 MiP is able to send email. For this experiment I leveraged Borya's instructable titled ESP8266 GMail Sender. I copied the parts I needed from ESP8266_Gmail_Sender.ino and copied them into a local copy of ReadWriteEeprom.ino. With a small edit to add an if statement to mip.getUserData(eepromAddressOffset), I was able to send emails directly from MiP.

alt text

The tricky part is in moving the ESP-01 inside MiP's case. It could be mounted externally if the case is modified as shown in SparkFun's MiP guide, however there is plenty of room in MiP's empty head to fit the ESP-01. The next challenge would be replacing the ESP-01's 1MB flash memory with a 4MB chip to enable OTA programming. Once that is accomplished, MiP's 6V line from UART needs to be regulated to 3.3V to power the ESP-01.

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