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A D1 mini adapter board for MiP.
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MiP D1 mini Pack


A D1 mini adapter board for WowWee Labs' MiP robot. Similar to the MiP ProMini Pack, this board adapts the D1 mini and compatible boards to MiP. Either install the D1 mini Pack in a pair of pin headers or solder it directly to the board and you'll be programming MiP to connect to the Internet in no time.


  • As always, a big "thank you" goes out to adamgreen. Without his help I'd still be wondering why my MiP won't talk to an Arduino. Now, it's talking to the Internet!
  • I'd also like to thank Casey Kuhns who while at SparkFun developed the original ProMini Pack and the ProtoPack which provided the foundation for this project.

OSH Park renderings

The top of the MiP D1 mini Pack

The bottom of the MiP D1 mini Pack


Please see the wiki for up-to-date installation instructions.


I am a hobbyiest sharing this designed-at-home board with fans of robotics, MiP and the ESP8266 wifi chip. While I strive to make this board as useful and "right" as it can be, in no way shall I be responsible for any damage that may occur to your MiP or D1 mini either incidently or directly through the use of this board. You use this board at your own risk.

If you are experienced in robotics or circuit design and spot something that can or should be improved, please review and submit a pull request.

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