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作品展示 demo:

2.linebot demo:

3.raspberry pi3 touch panel demo:









第三方Library license

Library license



npm v5.6+ node v8+


Python v3.7.0+


mongoDB v3.6+

MQTT Protocol broker




1. 自製電源及環境監測裝置(安裝教學

MQTT Topic Description Message
current 溫度、濕度、電流 {


MQTT Topic Description Message
ET7044/DOstatus ET7044 D0~D7 status [false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false]
ET7044/write Control D0~D7 status [false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false]



MQTT Topic Description Message
DL303/CO2 CO2測量 0 to 9999 ppm (NDIR)
DL303/RH 相對溼度測量 0 to 100% RH
DL303/TC 溫度測量 -10 to +50°C
DL303/DC 露點溫度 由溫度與相對溼度計算而得


MQTT Topic Description Message
PM3133/A 比流器1 10 (A)
PM3133/B 比流器2 10 (A)
PM3133/C 比流器3 10 (A)

5.UPS 監控程式(範例程式

MQTT Topic Description Message
UPS_Monitor UPS監測 example

6.web service & service(範例程式

(1)web service

Method API Description
GET / web dashboard
POST /ET7044 ET7044 control


current data structure:

UPS_Monitor data structure:

ET7044/DOstatus data structure:

Event Source JSON KEY
humidity MQTT topic current Humidity
temperature MQTT topic current Temperature
current MQTT topic current currents
inputVolt_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor input_A.inputVolt_A
inputFreq_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor input_A.inputFreq_A
outputVolt_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_A.outputVolt_A
outputFreq_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_A.outputFreq_A
outputAmp_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_A.outputAmp_A
outputWatt_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_A.outputWatt_A
systemMode_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_A.systemMode_A
outputPercent_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_A.outputPercent_A
batteryHealth_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_A.status.batteryHealth_A
batteryCharge_Mode_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_A.status.batteryCharge_Mode_A
batteryTemp_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_A.status.batteryTemp_A
batteryRemain_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_A.status.batteryRemain_Min_A
batteryRemain_Percent_A MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_A.status.batteryRemain_Percent_A
inputVolt_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor input_B.inputVolt_B
inputFreq_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor input_B.inputFreq_B
outputVolt_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_B.outputVolt_B
outputFreq_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_B.outputFreq_B
outputAmp_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_B.outputAmp_B
outputWatt_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_B.outputWatt_B
systemMode_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_B.systemMode_B
outputPercent_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor output_B.outputPercent_B
batteryHealth_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_B.status.batteryHealth_B
batteryCharge_Mode_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_B.status.batteryCharge_Mode_B
batteryTemp_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_B.status.batteryTemp_B
batteryRemain_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_B.status.batteryRemain_Min_B
batteryRemain_Percent_B MQTT topic UPS_Monitor battery_B.status.batteryRemain_Percent_B
D0 MQTT topic ET7044/DOstatus Array[0]
D1 MQTT topic ET7044/DOstatus Array[1]
D2 MQTT topic ET7044/DOstatus Array[2]


(1)Localhost MongoDB Database

Database name smart-data-center

Database Collection Description Data example
smart-data-center powerMeter power-meter logs example
smart-data-center powerMeterPower power-meter watt logs example
smart-data-center ups delta ups logs example
smart-data-center upsPower_A delta ups watt logs example
smart-data-center upsPower_B delta ups watt logs example

(2)Public Cloud MongoDB Database(mLab)

mLab for linebot use

Database name smart-data-center

Database Collection Description Data example
smart-data-center powerMeter Latest power-meter information example
smart-data-center ups_A Latest delta ups(A) information example
smart-data-center ups_B Latest delta ups(B) information example
smart-data-center control Latest ET7044 control information example

7.linebot service on HEROKU(範例程式

Service for linebot use

Method API Description Body Example
GET / test heroku service
GET /test test connect mLab
POST /webhooks for linebot use
POST /post/push notify power consumption {
powerMeterPower: 123,
upsPower_A: 456,
upsPower_B: 789
POST /post/control/message ET7044 control {
message: "進風風扇:開啟"
POST /message icinga2 alert notification {
message: "需要維修"


(1)Git clone project

$ git clone

(2) Switch directory

$ cd smart-data-center

(3)Install modules

$ npm install

(4)Install pm2 project management tool

$ npm install pm2 -g

(5)Edit build.json 留下需要的服務

  "apps": [
      "name": "smart-data-center",
      "script": "./app.js"
      "name": "smart-data-center-mongodb",
      "script": "./mongoDB.js"
      "name": "smart-data-center-icinga2",
      "script": "./icinga2/icinga2.js"
      "name": "smart-data-center-ET7044",
      "script": "./ET7044/ET7044_finish.js"

(6)建立 .env 檔案

cp .env-sample .env


PORT = 3006
MQTT = 'mqtt://'
MONGO_URL = 'mongodb://'
MONGODB = 'mongodb://'

(8)run service

$ npm start


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