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What is it?

Xcode-like HTML report for Unit and UI Tests



  • Supports parallel testing
  • Supports attachments:
    • .png
    • .jpeg
    • .txt
    • .log
    • .mp4
  • Navigate through the report with the keyboard's arrow keys
  • Filter out successful or failed tests
  • Displays information about the target device
  • Displays activity logs
  • Junit report

Fastlane Support



Install via Homebrew.

# Install latest stable version
$ brew install

# Install latest master branch
$ brew install --HEAD


Simply execute the following command to download the latest version of XCTestHTMLReport

$ bash <(curl -s

You can also specify a branch or tag

$ bash <(curl -s '1.0.0'


Run your UI tests using xcodebuild without forgetting to specify the resultBundlePath

$ xcodebuild test -workspace XCTestHTMLReport.xcworkspace -scheme XCTestHTMLReportSampleApp -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 7,OS=11.0' -resultBundlePath TestResults

Then use the previously downloaded xchtmlreport tool to create the HTML report

$ xchtmlreport -r TestResults

Report successfully created at ./index.html

Multiple Result Bundle Path

You can also pass multiple times the -r option.

$ xchtmlreport -r TestResults1 -r TestResults2

Report successfully created at ./index.html

This will create only one HTML Report in the path you passed with the -r option


Please create an issue whenever you find an issue or think a feature could be a good addition to XCTestHTMLReport. Always make sure to follow the Contributing Guidelines. Feel free to take a shot at these issues.


XCTestHTMLReport is available under the MIT license.

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