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Magento External Checkout for Vue Storefront

This Magento extension allow You to merge given shopping cart with current's user session. It performs a auto-login if user-token provided.

This module is designed to work with: Vue Storefront External Checkout.

This extension allows the user to start the session within the Vue Storefront shop and finalize the order in Magento2. It's great when You have very extended/customized Magento checkout which will be hard to port to Vue Storefront.

External checkout for Vue Storefront


You can check this extension in action on: Please add some items to the cart and then go to Cart -> Go to chechkout. You will be redirected to the Magento2 instance synchronized with the Vue Storefront instance. Shopping carts, logged in user, totals, item prices - should be alligned.

Installation guide

  1. Integrate Your Magento2 instance with Vue Storefront: tutorial, video tutorial
  2. Copy the module files from the repo to app/code/Divante/CartSync
  3. Run php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. Please install the vsf-external-checkout module for Vue Storefront. See the instruction.
  5. Go to: Stores -> Configuration | VueStorefront -> External Checkout and set URL

To test if Your extension works just fine, You can test the following URL:

For example, our test address looks like:


  • s7nirf24cxro7qx1hb9uujaq4jx97nvp is a customer token provided by POST /V1/integration/customer/token or can be empty!
  • 3648 is a quote id; for guest-carts it will be not integer but guid string


Mateusz Bukowski (@gatzzu)