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LoansBot was created for /r/loans, now renamed to /r/borrow. It is intended to keep track of loans, including when they are given, each partial repayment, when the lender has "given up" on getting his money back, and finally when he recieves his money. By collecting this information, there is an objective way to measure how active lenders and borrowers are, as well as following trends. With a way to request a history check on a person, the LoansBot also offers a way to avoid sending more money after a user with multiple outstanding loans.


  1. Keeps track of loans
  2. Keeps track of repayments
  3. Can be interacted with on /r/borrow and other authorized subreddits
  4. Maintains its own history - deleting a comment on reddit does not affect the LoansBot once the LoansBot has seen it.
  5. Secure, the LoansBot is by nature safe from SQL injections and other tomfoolery.


The documentation is available here thanks to GitHub Pages.