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NS2Combat: A Combat-style mod for Natural Selection 2

By JimWest and MCMLXXXIV (with support from Jibrail, fsfod and a small army of mappers!)

Our Design Aims:

  • Try and reproduce as much of the old NS1 Combat Mode’s game mechanics as possible but bring some of the new skills and game mechanics from NS2 into play as well.
  • Players get experience (score) for killing enemies or being around their teammates who are killing enemies.
  • You can level up ten times in a game, getting an upgrade point to spend each time. This buys you weapons, evolves and upgrades.
  • We’ve tried to balance support classes with offensive ones. You can specialise as any of the Alien lifeforms and as a Marine can choose to go Jetpack, Exo or some kind of ninja engineer.
  • We'll keep the mod server-side until client-side mod downloading support is working in Steam Workshop. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t have to install anything to get the mod working as a player, and server operators should only have to do the minimum amount of updating (if any) to keep the game working.

How to play

  1. Connect to a server running NS2 Combat Mode.
  2. Use the buy menu to upgrade when you reach the next level.

Hosting your own server

1Guide to follow soon...


We're welcome for anyone who would like to contribute to the mod. Send us an email or a pull request if you would like to contribute code. Maps can be easily made and shared via the Steam Workshop. Ideas can be brought to us here on the Unknown Worlds modding forum.

The following people brought Combat to life for your enjoyment!

Jibrail JimWest MCMLXXXIV Sphinxter Mr.P Soul_Rider relent