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Some pkgbuilds and stuff
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PKGBUILDS and other scripts made for random people & frogs

How-to use that mess :

While some of the scripts might work fine on any distro, the PKGBUILDs will only work on distros with access to pacman and makepkg.

If you need to access pacman and makepkg outside of Arch-linux and distros based on it (like Antergos or Manjaro), you can "hijack" your current distro with Bedrock Linux at your own risk:

  • Clone the whole thing (that enables you to use git pull to get updates) :
git clone
  • Build packages :

From the directory of the package you want to build (where the PKGBUILD is located), run

makepkg -si

That will grab the required dependencies, build, then install the newly created package(s).

  • For bash scripts, just run them from their respective directory.

  • You can also clone a single folder from the repo (you need to have the subversion package installed) but it might break inter-dependencies :

svn export

For example, in case you want to clone the nvidia-dev-all folder, the command would be : svn export

Why aren't the PKGBUILDs on AUR ?! :

While some are already available there without userpatches or lib32 support, the most interesting ones aren't (namely linux kernels, nvidia-all and wine-tkg-git) because of the way they are working. You're prompted for options or even config file editing to get the package customized the way you want it to be. For nvidia-all, there's no way around it so I'd consider that non-AUR compliant by default. For linux kernels and wine-tkg-git, I could indeed provide a fixed preset and remove all prompts. That would work. But then, are these still as interesting without customization? I strongly believe they aren't.

Wanna talk about it? Need help? Feel free to join the Frog Family discord server :

If you like my work, consider visiting my patreon page :

Thanks to Fábio, Bill, Kristoffer, Typhoon, Ole Erik and all my anonymous Patrons! Much frog love to you guys <3

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