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This is a console application, which uses VK API to create M3U playlists. Playlists could be used in different players, so you can shuffle your tracks or use hotkeys. Music is streamed from VK servers.

Repository contents

This repository is a copy of my IntelliJ IDEA project folder. It contains source code and necessary libraries.

How to use

There are three ways of providing input for the application:

  • run the application and write commands in standard input stream, and then finish with '.';
  • run the application with "*.txt" console argument. It would read specified file and execute commands from it;
  • pass other console arguments. These arguments would be treated as separate commands.

You can write such commands as:

  • search <N> <query> — search query and add first N found tracks into playlist;
  • me [<N>] — add tracks from your page (all of them or first N if given);
  • */audios<XXXXXX> [<N>] — add tracks from page of user with id XXXXXX (all of them or first N if given);
  • */wall<XXXXXX>_<YYYYYY> — add tracks attached to post XXXXXX_YYYYYY.

In two last commands * means you can write anything there. For example, you can copy a link to a post or audios page and use it as a command.

This application can also filter some tracks. For example, if you don't want to listen to a group or don't like a track, you can ask the application to ignore it. In order to do that, you should write a special file and specify it using ignore command. In that file you should use following syntax (each directive on a separate line):

  • id <ownerId>_<trackId> — ignore this exact track;
  • track <artist> -- <title> — ignore tracks with and <title> tags;
  • artist <artist> — ignore tracks of this artist.

Of course it's not really easy to do on your own, especially if you want to ignore tracks you've added earlier. In this case you can use newIgnoreFile command. Application will automatically write ignore directives for every found track into that file. To control which tracks should be ignored and which ignore directive should be used, you can use special command modifiers:

  • no_ignore — don't ignore tracks from this command;
  • ignore_ids — ignore tracks from this command with id directive;
  • ignore_tracks — ignore tracks from this command with track directive;
  • ignore_artists — ignore tracks from this command with artist directive.

Command modifiers should be written before commands. For example:

# set up
ignore ignored.list
newIgnoreFile new_ignored.list

# find one NewTone track and don't ignore it
no_ignore search 1 NewTone

# get 10 tracks from current user's audios page and never add them in the future
ignore_ids me 10

# get 5 Skrillex tracks, but ignore tracks with such artist-title pair in the future
ignore_tracks search 5 Skrillex

# get tracks from this post, but ignore all artists who wrote those in the future

When you launch the application for the first time, you'll have to authorize in VK and give permissions to this application. It shows embed browser and automatically saves access token and user id into "creds.txt" file.

If you don't like it, you can copy a link from standard console output and open it in your desktop browser. After you authorize, you'll be be redirected to page. Copy access token and user id from there into "creds.txt" file on separate lines and restart the application to get it working.


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