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Ingegneria dei Sistemi Distribuiti - Find the skill for each contributors in .git repository
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The GOAL of GIT-Find-The-Skills is the classification of the commiters present in a git repository. Each user may have collaboratored differently in a project, in particular he can be a backend, frontend developer, or writer.


Edit the file as you need.

  • repository https address of the repo or global path in your PC.
  • backend list of extensions to classify as backend.
  • frontend list of extensions to classify as frontend.
  • writer list of extensions to classify as writer.
  • undefined list of exstension without a exactly category. The script already manager in different way exstension like:
    • .js
    • .java
    • .php
  • java_fe list of Java packages to classify as frontend.
  • export_as
    • If you choose HTML the output will be a .zip with a index.html and other .css, .js file useful for the disaply.
    • If you choose csv the ouputl will be a .csv file.
  • ... extra category can be defined in this file with:

Use the char ; as separator for each library/extensions.


  • HTML is a web page that contanis a card for each user and the relative data:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Number of commits (analyzed)
    • Percentage for each category
    • Extra 'social' info


  • csv output is a table with the following value:
Column Description
Name Name and surname of commiter
Email Email
SocialID ID founded on the hosting/git service
SocialUsername Username used on the hosting/git service
AvatarURL Avatar used on the hosting/git service
WebSite ---
Location ---
Bio Biography
CreatedAt Creation date of the account on the git sevice
Commits Number of commits (analyzed)
Backend% Percentage of backend category
Frontend% Percentage of frontend category
Writer% Percentage of writer category
CatExtra...% Percentage of extra... category

How it's work


Read the full documentation at: GIT-Find-The-Skills

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