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Telegram-InstaPy-Scheduling v2!

Telegram-InstaPy-Scheduling is bot for telegram which helps user to schedule InstaPy.

What's news?

  • Run multiple script simultaneous.
  • Configure your scripts in easy way!
  • Create users list.

What do you need

  • This repo and all requirements.txt installed.
  • InstaPy working on your pc/server.
  • Telegram bot token.

How to setup

  1. Clone this repo in your InstaPy folder.
  2. Create a bot with @BotFather.
  3. Rename settings.json.dist => settings.json.
  4. Contact @GiveChatId_Bot and get your chat id with /chatid command
  5. Populate settings.json with your data.
    "telegram_token": "xxxx",
    "allowed_id": [ "chat_id from GiveChatId_Bot", "342342" ]
  1. Write your personal scripts:


  • Edit
  • Create a function with name as you preferred and put inside an InstaPy script, for example:
def script_for_big_like(username, password, proxy):
    session = instapy.InstaPy(username=username, password=password)
    then put your instapy script.
  • Save and exit.
  1. Launch

Avaiable commands

Users management

Command Parameters Description
/add_user <username> <password> <proxy:optional> Save new user.
/delete_user <username> Delete an user.
/users Print all users saved

Jobs management

Command Parameters Description
/set <username> <job_name> <script_name> <hh:mm:ss> Create a new schedule. Select the day from bot.
/unset <job_name> Delete a schedule.
/jobs Print all setted jobs
/scripts Print all your scripts
/status <job_name:optional> Print the status of all your thread or single.
/now <username> <script_name> Run immediately.