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Barsystem designed for TkkrLab (

Install barsystem on a server or locally. Install barlink on the system that runs the browser, and where the iButton reader is connected to.


Barsystem is the main server, it is a django application that allows people to buy products.

To install:

  • (optional, but recommended) Create a virtualenv and activate it.
    • Make sure you have a recent version of virtualenv (>=15.1.0).
    • Run virtualenv -p python3 <location>.
    • Activate the virtualenv (see virtualenv docs for how to activate on your shell).
  • From the source directory, run pip install ./barsystem
  • Run barsystem-installer init
  • For testing, run barsystem with django-admin runserver --settings barsystem.local_settings
  • For production, a standard nginx + uwsgi stack is recommended.


Barlink processes login tokens and product barcodes and sends these to barsystem.

It uses websockets to communicate with barsystem via the local webbrowser. It sends data received from a serial port on to the browser, which parses and processes the data. It works on the index page for login keys, and on the product page for barcodes.


  • See above for virtualenv
  • From the source directory, run pip install ./barlink
  • Run barlink