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TLF - a console based ham radio contest logger
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Tlf ham radio contest logger

Build Status


Tlf is a console (ncurses) mode general purpose CW/VOICE keyer, logging and contest program for hamradio.

It supports the CQWW, the WPX, the ARRL-DX , the ARRL-FD, the PACC and the EU SPRINT contests (single operator) as well as a LOT MORE basic contests, general QSO and DXpedition mode.

It interfaces with a morse code generator, your sound card, a number of radios, and with a DX Cluster.

Tlf can project cluster data into the excellent Xplanet program, written by Hari Nair.

Contest operation mimics the popular TR-Log program for DOS, the output file is TR- as well as CABRILLO compatible. The user interface was designed with over 30 years of experience in CW contesting.

The program was written for console mode on purpose, to make it run also on smaller machines, or remotely via a modem link.

See man tlf for detailed documentation. See also doc/README for details, and the INSTALL file for an quick installation guide.


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