An application auto-update framework for .NET
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Winkle is a .NET based framework to easily integrate an auto-update functionality to you application.

You just need to create a simple XML-file, store it on a webserver and add two lines of code to your project to check for updates.

If updates are available you can choose if you want to get a window opened automatically with a complete changelog shwoing all changes between the currently installed version and the newest version available for download.
As an alternative you get back an object with all informations included (which is the newest version available, complete changelog as sub-objects and so on) and can create an own display of this information within you application.

See the the included example project to see how to embed Winkle in your project.

As you can see Winkle is currently a 0.x release - so not everyting is done until now but everything what is included in the example works already (and is used by some first projects).

 - More stylish update notification window
 - Optional update notification alerts using Snarl (
 - Three options for the user if update available:
  o Open the webpage where the download can be found (already implemented)
  o Directly download the setup file without user needing to start browser
  o Incremental exchange only of the files which have been changed
 - Many more options (e. g. you can provide own logo in update notification and so on...)
 - An editor to easily create the XML-update file