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# setup font settings
font_family FuraCode Nerd Font
font_size 18.0
# no bells. Ever.
enable_audio_bell no
bell_on_tab no
# default layout is vertical splits only
enabled_layouts splits
# don't draw extra borders, but fade the inactive text a bit
active_border_color none
inactive_text_alpha 0.6
# tabbar should be at the top
tab_bar_edge top
tab_bar_style separator
tab_separator " ┇"
update_check_interval 24
startup_session default-session.conf
map ctrl+shift+q noop
# open new split (window) with cmd+d retaining the cwd
map cmd+d new_window_with_cwd
# open new tab with cmd+t
map cmd+t new_tab_with_cwd
# new split with default cwd
map cmd+shift+d new_window
# switch between next and previous splits
map cmd+] next_window
map cmd+[ previous_window
# clear the terminal screen
map cmd+k combine : clear_terminal scrollback active : send_text normal,application \x0c
# jump to beginning and end of word
map alt+left send_text all \x1b\x62
map alt+right send_text all \x1b\x66
# jump to beginning and end of line
map cmd+left send_text all \x01
map cmd+right send_text all \x05
# Map cmd + <num> to corresponding tabs
map cmd+1 goto_tab 1
map cmd+2 goto_tab 2
map cmd+3 goto_tab 3
map cmd+4 goto_tab 4
map cmd+5 goto_tab 5
map cmd+6 goto_tab 6
map cmd+7 goto_tab 7
map cmd+8 goto_tab 8
map cmd+9 goto_tab 9
font_family Fira Code
# changing font sizes
map cmd+equal change_font_size all +2.0
map cmd+minus change_font_size all -2.0
map cmd+0 change_font_size all 0