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SDL2 plugin for Vrep v1.0

Implementation of the following SDL functions:

General functions:

bool init_sdl(bool USE_HAPTIC);
bool quit_sdl();
bool refresh();
bool isPressed(int button);
int numButtons();
int hatPosition();

Haptic functions:

bool createDirectionalEffect(int dir_deg, int level);
bool createGroovesEffect(int dir_deg, int level, int length);
bool createRumbleEffect();
bool playRumbleEffect(int strength, int duration);
bool updateDirEffect(int dir_deg, int level);
bool updateGroovesEffect(int dir_deg, int level, int length);
bool playDirEffect();
bool playGroovesEffect();
bool destroyDirEffect();
bool destroyGroovesEffect();
bool stopDirEffect();
bool stopGroovesEffect();

Note: it is important to keep track of the effect state and not to start it every simulation loop in a non-threaded childscript (see example scene)

Easy to extend and supposed to be cross-platfrom.

It is imporant to have link SDL2 and put SDL.dll into VRep folder.

Agenda: implement the possibility to choose a device index