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Welcome to the IDDD Europe tour 2013 organizer's wiki!


"Implementing domain driven design" is a book by Vaughn Vernon, and Rinat Abdullin is the one who implemented the example code for the appendix on CQRS/ES in the book. Vaughn and Rinat are willing to do a masterclass tour in multiple cities in Europe in April 2013 about IDDD for a really cheap price (i.e. 100€/day/person). The event would probably be a 4-day masterclass regarding IDDD, and usually costs about a tenfold of this price.


The idea is to leverage the knowledge both persons have at a lower price, so more people can benefit from it. In order to accomplish this, each event in every city should try to target at least 50 to 100 attendees, to make this financially viable. Sponsored venues are also welcome (f.e. if a company would sponsor the venue and (some of the)catering they could be allowed to send 10 to 15 people for free).


There is an official website about this event: (the basic info is there, but a more mature site will be setup later on.)

Locations for the first IDDD tour - April 2013

The final decision about the locations for the first tour was made by Vaughn & Rinat. The link to these posts on the IDDD group by Vaugn are [here] ( and here (and Rinat also replied).

Click on the countries to see the details for that particular country.

Organizing ourselves

The idea is to organize this tour using this wiki. Currently we are using [the IDDD Google group] (!forum/iddd), but this is starting to get a mess really, hence the idea to use a wiki.

Feel free to use issues/pull requests/whatever seems appropriate to you to help organizing ourselves.

Act Agile, like you mean it !!! Really!

Let's prove everyone that a self-organizing team can work properly!

Here are some potential tips to organize yourselves. Feel free to add some of your own !

Potential locations for the next tour

Due to practical constraints we would like to limit the first tour to 3 cities. The following locations/organizers were also proposed, and will be taken under strong consideration if there ever comes a follow-up tour (alphabetical order):

BIG THANK YOU to all the people who volunteered!