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Hello there, This is a demo app for nancyfx and Simple.Data, it is loosely inspired on http://NerdDinner.com, and is called NerdBeers.

The idea is to show you all the awesomeness Nancy+Simple.Data can bring in a few lines of code...

The app in itself is not much yet, but you can see a demo over at http://nerdbeers.apphb.com .

Lots of kudos go out to @grumpydev , @thecodejunkie and @markrendle for helping me out.

Also a thank you to @appharbor for hosting it for free (and providing a pretty cool continuous deployment platform). Enjoy it !

Tom Janssens

Further reading...

PS: ** (SPAM MODE) ** If you want to create an account on appharbor, you can always use my referral if you want to.