A simple tool to create and print barcodes
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Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer is a simple tool to create and print barcodes. Just set your desired configuration, check the result and print :)

You can use Barcode Printer three ways:

  • Using the full editor: /barcode/index.php
  • Directly calling the desired configuration, using the appropriate GET variables: /barcode/index.php?digits=10&howManyCodes=12&etc
  • Directly linking the final barcodeImage: <img src='/barcode/barcode.php?codetype=code128&size=150&text=testing'>

Supported barcodes format are:

  • code128
  • code39
  • code25
  • codabar
  • qrcode (thanks to Google chart API)


Your feedback is precious! Don't hesitate to open a GitHub Issue for any problem or question you may have.

All contributions are welcome. If you extend it, please create a pull request so that I can update it for everyone.