Stipe is the core set of Sass Mixins to support the Toadstool Styleguide Framework
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Stipe Compass Extension

Stipe is the core of the Toadstool style guide framework, providing of mixins, placeholder classes, and sensible defaults that give Toadstool that 'instant on' experience.


To install

gem install stipe

To use

To use the Stipe gem, using Bundler gem 'stipe'

Stipe is a Compass extension, so Compass is a dependency. You will need to include require 'stipe' in your config.rb file.

Stipe Changelog

  • Remove max-width from desktop @media query.
  • Remove :link pseudo-selector from <a> default styling in typography.
  • Typography clean up and bug fixes.
  • (Slightly) better grid documentation.
  • Clean up READMEs.

  • Fix -moz-placeholder pseudo-selector syntax. Apparently requires two colons.

  • Make push/pull grid mixins accept context arguments. Useful for nested, percentage-based grids.

  • Tweak the_grid to work with 24 column default setting.

  • Update @clearfix to remove redundant CSS output.
  • Add some additional @media query-scoped grid placeholders.
  • Update gem homepage.

  • Remove uneccessary instances of the box-sizing mixin, mainly in the push/pull mixins.
  • Adde _legacy_extends.scss file to stipe/grid. This is an optional @import, not included in the Stipe manifest. It restores some legacy placeholders. Consider it deprecated.

  • Move grid extends to load last in style.scss manifest - when using the extended grid solution, this will move all your media queries to the end of the stylesheet.
  • Remove support for Font-Awesome and Zocial ico-fonts.
  • Replace with new and improved "build your own" ico-font solution.
  • General bug fixes.

  • BUG FIX - Addressed duplicate output for 12 col and 24 col nested placeholder selectors.

  • ALERT!!!! Stipe's gradient support is now deprecated. This code will be deleted in future releases. Please make sure to update all gradients to use Compass' @include background-image mixin.
  • Grids have been updated to support a larger array of placeholder classes for both 12 col and 24 col grid layouts.
  • New experimental support for placeholder selectors and nested grids.

  • Update grid - move box-sizing from grid scope to global attribute.
  • Deprecate Stipe's grid solution in favor of using Compass.

  • Restore -ms-linear-gradient(...) in linear_gradient_w3c() mixin. Because Jed has no idea what he's doing.

  • Replace -ms-linear-gradient(...) with linear-gradient(..) in linear_gradient_w3c() mixin.

  • Update _forms.scss to support legacy versions of extends.

  • Remove sass-globbing dependency in Stipe itself.

  • Commonly named color values (aquamarine, white, crimson, etc) need to be put in ' ' when processed through Rails.

  • Added !optional flag to Toadstool generated extended placeholder selectors to address backwards compatibility.
  • If Sass still pukes on not finding the placeholders to extend, either the name was updated or simply add !optional to the end of the extend declaration.
    • For the most part this would be restricted to _buttons.scss and _forms.scss.

  • Over-haul color palette CSS.
  • Update forms extends to include stipe_ in the name to increase visibility of where code is coming from in Toadstool.
  • Add UI for contenteditable new functionality.
  • Old button lib is dead.
  • All new buttons is alive.
  • Updates to /stipe/stylesheets/stipe/toadstool/ui_patterns/_color_grid.scss.
    • Add new extend_color_loop mixin.
    • Dynamically looping through list of OOCSS names to create color block classes.
  • New extend_color_loop mixins.
    • Add to /stipe/stylesheets/stipe/toadstool/ui_patterns/_color_grid.scss.
    • All extends generated in memory from lists of objects.