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Fish Fillets - Next Generation

Compile requirements

** WARNING ** 
This source has been modified from the original in order to port to SDL2 and fix things up for running on a Mac. While the souce
should still compile in general for other platforms, the automake stuff here will have to be modified to search for the SDL2
libraries, etc.

The requirements below are now out of date - the equiavalent SDL 2 libraries should be used instead.


Library SDL = Simple DirectMedia Layer (video, input, sound)
- libSDL >= 1.2,

Library SDL_mixer (multiple sounds)
- libSDL_mixer >= 1.2.5,

Library SDL_image (PNG support)
- libSDL_image,

Library SDL_ttf (TrueType UTF-8 fonts)
- libSDL_ttf,

Library LUA (script language, used for debug console, configuration, levels,...)
- liblua50,
- liblualib50

Mac Details

This is intended to build on a mac, and has some scripts to help make everything. Get the original Fillets-NG
distribution from


bash$ make -f ./macfiles/makefile
bash$ ./macfiles/make-bundle <version> /path/to/fillets-ng-data

You should end up with a in the top level directory. You may have to modify some paths in the 
macfiles/makefile to correspond with where your copies of the SDL2 frameworks are.

How to run

I. Compile

- Compile the game:
$ tar xzf fillets-ng.tar.gz
$ cd fillets-ng
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

II. Install data

- Download fillets-ng-data from
- Extract fillets-ng-data.tar.gz to a $datadir.
  default: /usr/local/share/games/fillets-ng/

III. Run it
$ ./src/game/fillets systemdir=$datadir


Up, down, left and right arrow keys control the current fish.
Use space bar to switch between the fish.

See also "How to Play" $datadir/doc/html/manual.html

restart level - Backspace
undo - -/+
help - F1
save game - F2
load game - F3
show/hide move counter - F5
show/hide subtitles - F6
game menu - F10
fullscreen - F11
faster game - Shift