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LiteStep 0.24.8
Copyright (c) 2009 The LiteStep Development Team
-- CHANGES SINCE 0.24.7 --------------------------------------------------------
- New combined evaluation parser for If/ElseIf and inline $a+b$ expressions.
Supports string comparisons and built-in functions among other improvements.
- Added checks for recursively defined variables to VarExpansionEx.
- Fixed threading/reentrant crash in MessageManager.
- Updates for Notification Icon Handler (systray service).
* Fixed non persistent data from always being retained.
* Fixed always sending NID data as new/updated when it wasn't.
(Fixes bogus info/balloon tips on recycle)
* Fixed possible internal data corruption by rouge systray modules.
* Fixed "dead icons" from being sent to systray modules on recycle.
* Added basic "shared icon" tracking.
- Removed !gather bang command proxy for VWM modules (all current VWM modules
now implement that function internally).
- Fixed ParseCmdLine's szRcPath creation from inserting an extra backslash.
- Much improved initialization/recycle of LSAPI internals.
- Added support for "AppBars". Appbars are windows that dock to the side of
the screen, some of which "autohide". Typical uses are Media Player's
navigation bars, or Instant Messenger's contact list window. Appbars may
also cause the work area to be changed.
- Changed bang !alert messagebox caption to "!Alert LiteStep" to make apparent
what generated the messagebox.
- Changed bang !confirm messagebox caption to "!Confirm LiteStep" to make
apparent what generated the messagebox.
- Fixed error handling when encountering invalid If/ElseIf syntax.
- Now checks for ElseIf following Else directive and skips conditional block
if this invalid structure occurs.
- Improved debug TRACE message output during step.rc parsing for debug builds.
- Default all platform variables (eg. "WinNT") to "false" prior to setting
conditional to "true".
- Added Win2003 platform variable.
- Added support for "Windows 2003" OS version string in the !about dialog's
System Information page.
- Fixed semicolon following ELSE or ENDIF statement from breaking parser.
- Command line !bang handler now allows running LS instance to set foreground
- Fixed possible lockup condition on startup/recycle if there existed a non
responsive application on the desktop.
- Fixed !about bang command from launching concurrent AboutBox instances.
- Fixed LS logo not showing in about box. Moved logo to the left.
- The compile date is now fetched from PE header.
- $CompileDate$ now has the full "Compiled on" string as shown in the !about
- Now using DeferWindowPos in Show/Hide/ToggleModules bang commands. This
allows for "apparent" instant showing/hiding of all module windows.
- Greatly improved LSAutoHideModules support. It now correctly detects any
full screen application on the primary monitor correctly and hides or shows
all modules accordingly (when it is enabled).
- Added a more specific error message when failing to load a module because of
unresolved dependencies.
- Fixed several Startup Runner issues.
- Fixed the Step.rc Evaluation Parser's abs() function from converting the
input to an integer. Now abs(-1.23) will return 1.23 instead of 1.
- Fixed LiteStep from shutting down too early if an application blocks the
shutdown process which would leave the user with an empty desktop.
- Fixed !about dialog's font display under Windows 95.
- Fixed several API bugs: NULL paramater crash in RemoveBangCommand() and
invalid message format for LM_GETMINRECT and LM_APPCOMMAND.
- Updated German language strings.
- Updated the !about dialog's System Information page to show >2GB of memory
statistics if needed and to show partial gigabytes.
- Fixed hook.dll implementation.
- Added LiteStep version resource information to hook.dll.
- Brought the VC7.1 and MinGW build files up to date.
- Targeting libpng 1.2.35 and zlib 1.2.3.
- Many other incremental fixes and code cleanup changes... Thanks for reading.
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