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# This function will take a path and get it's long path (as opposed to it's short 8.3 name)
# If it for some reason failes it will return the path it got as an argument
# Written by Tobbe Lundberg 2007-07-14
Function LongPath
Exch $R0 ; puts $r0 on the stack, and pops the top of the stack in to $r0
Push $R1 ; put $r1 on the stack (above $r0)
Push $R2 ; put $r2 on the stack (above $r1)
;; The GetLongPathName function is only available on Win98 and later,
;; so first we have to make sure the intaller is running on a modern OS
; If the line below causes an error we're on an NT based system
ReadRegStr $R1 HKLM "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion" VersionNumber
IfErrors LongPathRun
StrCpy $R2 $R1 1
StrCmp $R2 '4' 0 LongPathCleanup ;Make sure the first number is 4
StrCpy $R2 $R1 3
StrCmp $R2 '4.0' LongPathCleanup ;4.0 is win95 anything else at this point is win98 or winME
System::Call "Kernel32::GetLongPathNameA(t '$R0', &t .r11, i ${NSIS_MAX_STRLEN}) i .s"
; ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^
; text variable | | | | int max path length | ||
; path to convert | | | return type int ||
; address of text variable to store result in | | no source|
; no source | dest is NSIS stack
; dest is $r1
Pop $R2
IntCmp $R2 ${NSIS_MAX_STRLEN} LongPathCleanup 0 LongPathCleanup
;Not too long, let's make sure it's not too short
IntCmp $R2 0 LongPathCleanup
;Return value is good, copy the new path to $R0
StrCpy $R0 $R1
Pop $R2
Pop $R1
Exch $R0
!macro LongPath Var Path
Push "${Path}"
Call LongPath
Pop "${Var}"
!define LongPath "!insertmacro LongPath"
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