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proSoar README

proSoar online soaring tool is a online task planner for cross country flights aimed mainly for glider pilots.

proSoar is developed by Tobias Lohner

Getting the source

proSoar's source code is hosted at GitHub. You can get it with the following command:

git clone git://


Deploy proSoar as described below. Just change the static_folder parameter in from web to web_dev.


Run deploy/gettext/ to generate the pot file in that directory. Copy the translated .po files to deploy/gettext/po/. They are automatically copied to the webroot when depolying.


This source directory is not complete. You need some more things to get started.

  1. Install required python modules

    Run pip install -r requirements.txt

  2. Download and compile necessary JS/CSS files

    Run make

  3. Deploy by running the debug server or use some other deployment method for flask apps:

    Run python runserver to start the debug server