interactive control interface for robots and other electronics experiments
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RaspberryPi Robotcontrol

Interactive, low-latency javascript-based websocket-GUI for touch-devices with a python-flask backend that interfaces to robotic components. It provides virtual 2-axis joysticks (inspired by nipple.js but without the multitouch issues) and buttons that all work simulatenously. Due to the two-way websocket connection, status-messages from the robot can be displayed in the text-area.

Gif of GUI

This software provides

  • an interactive javascript low-latency websocket GUI served webpage
  • a python-flask server that runs on a raspberry pi (or really any linux-machine)
  • a two-way websocket connection for low latency control
  • some server-side robot-classes (servo-, stepper-, toggle-control) that are already mapped to control inputs

Important: The GUI can currently only be controlled using touch-events, that means it should be used with a touchscreen device.

Tested on RaspberryPi 3 B+ with raspbian and Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 8, mobile google chrome 67.


  • python, numpy, flask

Howto run

  • install necessary python-packages using pip
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • run flask-server (server-websocket/ -> this will provide the websocket API and serve the webpage on port 5000

Module architecture

Module structure

Hardware test-setup

Hardware layout


  • unify control-interface to allow easier mapping of interface-axis/buttons to robot actions