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This allows you to submit code to Udacity from your commandline

It's been tested on Debian Wheezy running PHP 5.4


Install Goutte and dependancies by executing

php composer.phar install

Clone the distribution config to a local config file

cp app/config/config.php.dist app/config/config.php

Edit the $udacityUser variable in app/config/config.php to use your username and password


Test code on udacity by running the following command

php src/submit.php <evaluationId> <submissionDirectory>

Evaluation ID can be obtained from the URL of the problem set on Udacity. It is prefixed by the letter 'm',!/c-cs344/l-77202674/e-80151292/m-81489114

In the above example, the evaluation ID is 81489114

Submission directory is the directory containing your files of code. Unit2 of c-cs344 is included as an example in data/c-cs344/Unit2

We can submit a solution for Unit2 using the following command

php src/submit.php 81489114 data/c-cs344/Unit2/

Warning: If you use this, save the code you have on Udacity to files first, as this may result in previously submitted solutions being reset

Note that this script is largely a hack, and hasn't been tested thoroughly or written particularly tidily.

If you want to improve this, send me a pull request :)

If you have a suggestion or request, poke me on my blog: