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Gmail GTD Bot

Set of functions managing emails in Gmail according to the GTD rules. Implementation uses Google Apps Script. Code is hosted, authenticated and executed by Google servers.


  • Add/remove labels for a search query.
    Eg. remove S/Next Action from all S/Finished
    Or, label all C/Home P/Cleaning by V/Need To Do
  • Parse labels from a thread subject inside Inbox.
    Like so: #project-name in @context will be done as !na in my *city'
    Will have following labels: `P/project-name, C/context, S/Next Action, L/City
  • Sync with Google Tasks (2-way)
    Maps thread subject from search query to a named task list.
    Completed task adds S/Finished label to the thread.
    Completed thread removes task from the list.


  1. Create new spreadsheet in Google Doc.
  2. Open menu Tools -> Script Editor.
  3. Paste JS version of the code.
  4. Cut first and last line (remove 'module pattern').
  5. Save & run main to authorize.
  6. Add new time based trigger for function main using Triggers menu.

Triggering each 5 mins works safe for me.


See (draft).




  • User docs.
  • Move TODOs to GitHub's issues.
  • Extract in-code TODOs.
  • Sync a task list with a spreadsheet query.
  • Support auto-expired actions after defined amount of time.
  • Support for label wildcards (get all user labels and generate regex/query pattern from this static list).
  • Calendar integration - sync events thou task lists.
  • Better task naming experience - update the name to changes labels.
  • GtdBot object as event emitter (with signals).

License: MIT

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