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- mail status cache (diff data, implement status change event)
- (!!!) bind a project to contacts by nested labels 'P/name/email@address'
-- geo location
-- phone numbers
-- other apis? (fb, twitter, g+, picasa)
- bind to tasks using label
-- 'RT/ID' like rt-1234
- Auto add labels to labels db:
-- projects as 'RP/name' and ##name
-- google places as 'RL/Full Name'
-- google places as 'RC/Full Name' and 'RC/Full Name/ID' (???)
- bind to mochajs test framework (somehow)
- second level project labels semantics?
-- A/ is an alias
-- P/ is a project reference
-- R/ is an implied reference type
-- contacts?
- linq queries?
- auto test complex queries on gmail