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A generic library to retry an operation in case of an error. You can configure the behavior like the exceptions to retry on.
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PHP library for retrying code, e.g. HTTP requests or database transactions, in case of failures.

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$ composer require tobion/retry


use Tobion\Retry\Retry;

$callableThatMightFail = function (int $arg1, int $arg2): int {
    if (random_int(1, 2) % 2) {
        throw new \RuntimeException('Sudden error');

    return $arg1 + $arg2;

// Allows you to call the callable with parameters and retry its execution in case an exception is thrown.
// You can access the return value of the callable (3 in this case).
$returnValue = Retry::configure()->call($callableThatMightFail, 1, 2);

// By default:
// - The callable is retried twice (i.e. max three executions). If it still fails, the last error is rethrown.
// - Retries have a no delay between them.
// - Every \Throwable will trigger the retry logic, i.e. both \Exception and \Error.
// You can adjust the retry logic like this:
$retryingCallable = Retry::configure()
    ->retryOnSpecificExceptions(\RuntimeException::class) // other failures like \TypeError will not be retried
$returnValue = $retryingCallable(1, 2);
// $retryingCallable just decorates the original callable and can be used like it.
// To find out how often it had to retry, you can use:


To run tests:

$ composer install
$ vendor/bin/phpunit
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