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  • [BC BREAK] RouteCollection does not behave like a tree structure anymore but as a flat array of Routes. So when using PHP to build the RouteCollection, you must make sure to add routes to the sub-collection before adding it to the parent collection (this is not relevant when using YAML or XML for Route definitions).


    $rootCollection = new RouteCollection();
    $subCollection = new RouteCollection();
    $subCollection->add('foo', new Route('/foo'));


    $rootCollection = new RouteCollection();
    $subCollection = new RouteCollection();
    $subCollection->add('foo', new Route('/foo'));

    Also one must call addCollection from the bottom to the top hierarchy. So the correct sequence is the following (and not the reverse):

  • [DEPRECATION] The methods RouteCollection::getParent() and RouteCollection::getRoot() have been deprecated and will be removed in Symfony 2.3.

  • [BC BREAK] Misusing the RouteCollection::addPrefix method to add defaults, requirements or options without adding a prefix is not supported anymore. So if you called addPrefix with an empty prefix or / only (both have no relevance), like addPrefix('', $defaultsArray, $requirementsArray, $optionsArray) you need to use the new dedicated methods addDefaults($defaultsArray), addRequirements($requirementsArray) or addOptions($optionsArray) instead.
  • [DEPRECATION] The $options parameter to RouteCollection::addPrefix() has been deprecated because adding options has nothing to do with adding a path prefix. If you want to add options to all child routes of a RouteCollection, you can use addOptions().
  • [DEPRECATION] The method RouteCollection::getPrefix() has been deprecated because it suggested that all routes in the collection would have this prefix, which is not necessarily true. On top of that, since there is no tree structure anymore, this method is also useless. Don't worry about performance, prefix optimization for matching is still done in the dumper, which was also improved in 2.2.0 to find even more grouping possibilities.
  • [DEPRECATION] RouteCollection::addCollection(RouteCollection $collection) should now only be used with a single parameter. The other params $prefix, $default, $requirements and $options will still work, but have been deprecated. The addPrefix method should be used for this use-case instead. Before: $parentCollection->addCollection($collection, '/prefix', array(...), array(...)) After: $collection->addPrefix('/prefix', array(...), array(...)); $parentCollection->addCollection($collection);
  • added support for the method default argument values when defining a @Route
  • Adjacent placeholders without separator work now, e.g. /{x}{y}{z}.{_format}.
  • Characters that function as separator between placeholders are now whitelisted to fix routes with normal text around a variable, e.g. /prefix{var}suffix.
  • [BC BREAK] The default requirement of a variable has been changed slightly. Previously it disallowed the previous and the next char around a variable. Now it disallows the slash (/) and the next char. Using the previous char added no value and was problematic because the route /index.{_format} would be matched by /
  • The default requirement now uses possesive quantifiers when possible which improves matching performance by up to 20% because it prevents backtracking when it's not needed.
  • The ConfigurableRequirementsInterface can now also be used to disable the requirements check on URL generation completely by calling setStrictRequirements(null). It improves performance in production environment as you should know that params always pass the requirements (otherwise it would break your link anyway).
  • There is no restriction on the route name anymore. So non-alphanumeric characters are now also allowed.


  • added RequestMatcherInterface
  • added RequestContext::fromRequest()
  • the UrlMatcher does not throw a \LogicException anymore when the required scheme is not the current one
  • added TraceableUrlMatcher
  • added the possibility to define options, default values and requirements for placeholders in prefix, including imported routes
  • added RouterInterface::getRouteCollection
  • [BC BREAK] the UrlMatcher urldecodes the route parameters only once, they were decoded twice before. Note that the urldecode() calls have been changed for a single rawurldecode() in order to support + for input paths.
  • added RouteCollection::getRoot method to retrieve the root of a RouteCollection tree
  • [BC BREAK] made RouteCollection::setParent private which could not have been used anyway without creating inconsistencies
  • [BC BREAK] RouteCollection::remove also removes a route from parent collections (not only from its children)
  • added ConfigurableRequirementsInterface that allows to disable exceptions (and generate empty URLs instead) when generating a route with an invalid parameter value
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