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@@ -35,8 +35,15 @@ CHANGELOG
- * The methods `RouteCollection::getParent()` and `RouteCollection::getRoot()`
+ * [DEPRECATION] The methods `RouteCollection::getParent()` and `RouteCollection::getRoot()`
have been deprecated and will be removed in Symfony 2.3.
+ * [BC BREAK] Misusing the `RouteCollection::addPrefix` method to add requirements or options
+ without adding a prefix is not supported anymore. There is now a dedicated method named
+ `setConfigs()` for this. So if you used something like `addPrefix('', array(...), array(...))`
+ you need to call `setConfigs(array(...), array(...))` instead.
+ * [DEPRECATION] The `$options` parameter to `RouteCollection::addPrefix()` has been deprecated
+ because adding options has nothing to do with adding a path prefix. If you want to add options
+ to all child routes of a RouteCollection, you can use `setConfigs()`.
* added support for the method default argument values when defining a @Route
* Adjacent placeholders without separator work now, e.g. `/{x}{y}{z}.{_format}`.
* Characters that function as separator between placeholders are now whitelisted

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