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mentioned all changes to the RouteCollection in the UPGRADE file

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1 parent e4d58ca commit b69e8b24b75bc22625991607bf54037e9395c4b7 @Tobion committed Dec 6, 2012
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* The methods `RouteCollection::getParent()` and `RouteCollection::getRoot()`
have been deprecated and will be removed in Symfony 2.3.
+ * Misusing the `RouteCollection::addPrefix` method to add defaults, requirements
+ or options without adding a prefix is not supported anymore. So if you called `addPrefix`
+ with an empty prefix or `/` only (both have no relevance), like
+ `addPrefix('', $defaultsArray, $requirementsArray, $optionsArray)`
+ you need to use the new dedicated methods `addDefaults($defaultsArray)`,
+ `addRequirements($requirementsArray)` or `addOptions($optionsArray)` instead.
+ * The `$options` parameter to `RouteCollection::addPrefix()` has been deprecated
+ because adding options has nothing to do with adding a path prefix. If you want to add options
+ to all child routes of a RouteCollection, you can use `addOptions()`.
+ * The method `RouteCollection::getPrefix()` has been deprecated
+ because it suggested that all routes in the collection would have this prefix, which is
+ not necessarily true. On top of that, since there is no tree structure anymore, this method
+ is also useless.
+ * `RouteCollection::addCollection(RouteCollection $collection)` should now only be
+ used with a single parameter. The other params `$prefix`, `$default`, `$requirements` and `$options`
+ will still work, but have been deprecated. The `addPrefix` method should be used for this
+ use-case instead.
+ Before: `$parentCollection->addCollection($collection, '/prefix', array(...), array(...))`
+ After:
+ ```
+ $collection->addPrefix('/prefix', array(...), array(...));
+ $parentCollection->addCollection($collection);
+ ```
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