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πŸ““ Clean Code Journal

Vaadin-14 Java-17 Spring-Boot BCH compliance Docker Hub

🌍 Live demo:

A sample project for Vaadin Flow and Spring Boot


Have you tried to become a Clean Code Developer and master the white grade?
This web-app helps you to keep the track and reminds you in your current grade goals. Log your progress and get achievements for your goals πŸ†.

This project was built as a sample application for a Vaadin 14 progressive web app. It uses Spring Boot and runs on JDK 17.

It uses free open source Vaadin Components, so you don't need a Vaadin Pro subscription to run, start or debug it.

❀ The samples contain content from Big thank you to Ralf Westphal who allowed me to use it for this sample.

🐳 Docker

A prebuild docker image is available at Docker Hub.
You can start it with the provided docker-compose.yml.
Or if you want to build your own image just use the dockerfile.

πŸš€ Start


  • Installed JDK 17, or higher.
  • Installed Node JS 10 or later.
    Make sure you have the node package manager npm on your PATH.


  1. Import the project to the IDE of your choosing as a Maven project.
  2. To run WebApp just execute the maven task mvn spring-boot:run or run the Application class in your IDE.
  3. Open http://localhost:8090 in a browser.

If you want to run the application locally in the production mode, run mvn spring-boot:run -Pproduction.

πŸ” Auto Restart

For fast compile -> see-changes roundtrips the Spring Developer Tolls are enabled. Every change on the classpath will trigger a server restart. So you can just compile F9 in the IDE and hit F5 ibn the Browser to see the changes. You can disble it, by deleting the file.

πŸ”§ Config

For editing I18N property files, make sure you use UTF-8 encoding. In IntelliJ:
File > Settings > Editor > File Encodings > Properties Files > Default encoding: UTF-8

πŸ“š Documentation

For documentation on using Vaadin Flow and Spring, visit
For more information on Vaadin Flow, visit

The demos show 5 different ways how to build a Vaadin interface component:

  1. Flow components
    UI built with Vaadin Flow components.
    Example: org.cleancode.journal.view.CompendiumView.createTable
  2. Element API
    Custom component built with HTML elements.
    Example: org.cleancode.journal.component.progressbar.GradeProgressBar
  3. Custom HTML
    Direct output of custom HTML.
    Example: org.cleancode.journal.view.AboutView
  4. Polymer Templates
    A Polymer Template which is defined in JavaScript and has a Java adapter Component.
    Example: org.cleancode.journal.component.logentry.LogEntryComponent
    JS-Part: frontend/src/log-entry.js
  5. Web-Components
    Import of an existing external hosted Web-Component.
    Example: org.cleancode.journal.component.speeddial.SpeedDial

πŸ“ Structure

  • frontend
    • srcπŸ“Ž
      Polymer templates or vaadin designer files.
    • stylesπŸ“Ž
  • java
    • org.cleancode.journal.componentπŸ“Ž
    • org.cleancode.journal.domainπŸ“Ž
      Domain entities which could be saved in a DB
    • org.cleancode.journal.serviceπŸ“Ž
      Spring services which load, save or manipulate domain entities
    • org.cleancode.journal.utilπŸ“Ž
      Stateless helper functions
    • org.cleancode.journal.viewπŸ“Ž
      All views (pages) and dialogs
  • resources
    • application.propertiesπŸ“Ž
      Static application properties
    • translationπŸ“Ž
      I18N resource bundles

πŸ“œ Licence

The project initial setup was generated by a free Vaadin starter

This project is licenced under MIT.

You are free to:

  • Share β€” copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt β€” remix, transform, and build upon the material

This licence does NOT apply to the Clean Code Dev content stored in the grade_x.json files.

No commercial Vaadin components are used in this project. So you don't need a Vaadin Pro subscription to run, start or debug it.

⚑ Troubleshooting

Cannot resolve custom CSS property

Polymer templates can access CSS Properties of the Vaadin theme. The theme is also available as web component. But this prevents the IDE to resolve a CSS property because it's stored as a JS String instead of a CSS file.
So we have to ignore this warning:

Cannot resolve '--material-secondary-background-color' custom property


πŸ““ Track your clean code developer progress - Vaadin 14 sample project




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