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An multi-threaded event-based API for Transformice. Uses an online api so you don't need to set the encryption keys
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sh dont tell anyone but this is just an edit of this readme

Transformice's API written in Python 3.6 using threads


Transformice is an online independent multiplayer free-to-play platform video game created by the french company Atelier801.

TransFromage API is a documented API that allows developers to make bots for the mentioned game.

Join the Fifty Shades of Lua discord to discuss about this API and to have special support.

This API had many indirect contributors, including @Lautenschlager-id, @Turkitutu and @Athesdrake.

Keys Endpoint

This API depends on an endpoint that gives you access to the Transformice encryption keys.

To get access to it you need to request a token, after explaining your project, to one of the following players:

  • Tocutoeltuco @discord=> Tocutoeltuco#0018;
  • Blank#3495 @discord=> 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪#8737;
  • Bolodefchoco @discord=> Lautenschlager#2555.


  • The module is in the PyPI so all you need to run is pip install --upgrade transfromage

API Update

To update the api all you need to do is run the same installation command.


The best way to contribute for this API is creating pull requests with bug fixes and new events / methods (like joining the map editor, getting a map XML, loading Lua...)

Base example

import transfromage

client = transfromage.Client()

def on_ready():
	client.login("Username#0000", "password", "start room")

client.start("Owner ID", "API Token")
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