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SVG Sprite Webpack Plugin

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A webpack plugin/loader to make SVG <use>-based icon systems easy in Webpack. Creates an SVG sprite with <symbol> tags from imported SVG files, and returns a URL to be passed to an SVG <use> tag. Uses kisenka's svg-sprite-loader for internal transformations (from standalone SVG file to <symbol> tag).


npm install --save-dev svg-sprite-webpack-plugin


Webpack config

const IconPlugin = require('svg-sprite-webpack-plugin').plugin;

// NOTE:
// Usage with the included webpack-isomorphic-tools parser requires that
// the extracted filename match this format.
const iconPlugin = new IconPlugin('icons-[hash].svg');

// ... inside the configuration object
  module: {
    loaders: [
        test: /\.svg$/,
        loader: iconPlugin.extract(),
  plugins: [

Webpack isomorphic tools

If using webpack-isomorphic-tools, add this to your config:

const iconParser = require('svg-sprite-webpack-plugin').webpackIsomorphicParser;

  assets: {
    svg: {
      extension: 'svg',
      parser: iconParser,

In code

An example using React 0.14 or later:

import { Component } from 'react';
import myGreatIcon from './my-great-icon.svg';

class SuperGreatIconComponent extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <svg><use xlinkHref={myGreatIcon} /></svg>

Suggested development mode config

If you're using the webpack-dev-server, it's advised to not use this plugin, and instead go directly to svg-sprite-loader.

const iconTest = /\.svg$/;
if (DEV) {
    test: iconTest,
    loader: 'svg-sprite',
} else {
    test: iconTest,
    loader: iconPlugin.extract(),

Usage Caveats

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer does not support <use> tags with external references. This has been fixed in Microsoft Edge 13, but until Edge's browser share gets to an acceptable level for you, I suggest using jonathantneal's excellent SVG4Everybody library.


<use> tags do not allow cross-origin requests, and from what I could tell, aren't likely to start supporting them any time soon. Because of this, instead of using the output.publicPath webpack config, this library is currently expecting that the generated icons svg will be accessible inside the /static directory on the same domain as the website using the imported icons.


This was originally developed to be used in-house, so I expect there are a number of usecases that are not being adequately covered. Issues and PRs are welcome!

Install dependencies:

npm install --global yarn
yarn install

Make sure any code passes tests and the linter before submitting a PR!

yarn test
yarn run lint


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


Jeremy Tice @jetpacmonkey