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Hacking Through The Erlang Wilderness

Author: Todd D. Greenwood-Geer
Date: Tue Feb 13 2011
Version: 0.2


I'm experimenting with Erlang, but I'm finding that I forget things, unless I write them down. I'm sharing my experiences here, and especially the things that were difficult and frustrating.

For example, in Episode-02, I intentionally take the reader down several dead-ends as we try to noodle out how to create an erlang application. Along the way, I introduce some interesting utilities and features that will become more useful in later episodes. You see, even though I've read all 3 erlang books (multiple times), I still find the 'erlang' thing a little awkward.

Hopefully, these simple posts will help others as much as they are helping me.


  • Episode-00 : Configure a VMWare guest vm
  • Episode-01_ : (deprecated) Install Erlang and Tools Like Faxien, Sinan, and Rebar
  • Episode-02 : Create a basic Erlang App
  • Episode-03 : Create a 'Time Server' App
  • Episode-04 : Create a Webmachine Demo App (Webmachine Part I)
  • Episode-05 : Create a Webmachine Rest Endpoint (Webmachine Part 2)
  • Episode-06 : [in-progress] Create an Mnesia based application

Ideas For Future Demos

  • Erlang error/exception handling
  • ETS, DTS, Mnesia Demo
  • Use OTP to manage external processes (mysql, java, tomcat, etc.)
  • Connect erlang app to a sql server like mysql or postgres
  • Connect erlang app to a riak cluster
  • Connect erlang app to a sclaris cluster
  • Create a minimalist erlang app server using lua

Copyright (c) 2011 Todd D. Greenwood-Geer